Novice, 2007 (Maitland PEP Ice Sharks AAA Spring Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2007 season, which is not set as the current season.
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    Thu, May 03

    Fri, May 04

    Sat, May 05

    Sun, May 06

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    Once again the Maitland Ice Sharks have proven they belong with the elite teams. The excitement they provided for their fans over the weekend, words can not explain. We saw them over come a six nothing deficit in the first period to a 10-8 victory. The quarter final game had the coaching staff and parents on the edge of their seats. They were treated to an exciting triple overtime win which they saw one player take on two players and the one player coming out on top for the victory. Some of the comments that came out of the fans went something like this, " I need to go back to the hotel to change my shorts because i had a little accident". In this short season the team is starting to develop a reputation of never quitting and always playing tremendously hard in the third period. The parents feel really proud at the way the kids conducted them selves on and off the ice representing not only themselves but the Maitland Ice Sharks organization as well.

    P.S Despite the rumours that come back from the tournament some people are not ready to step out of the closet.